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Manjari Rao

Manjari Rao - Homeopathy Practitioner at Chiropractic Dubai“AUDE SAPERE” which means ‘Dare to be Wise’ is a quote Manjari Rao, our Homeopathy Specialist, learned while in University and she continues practice by it.

Manjari Rao practices Homeopathy with a classical approach, which means she does not only treat physical problems but also takes into account the patients’ mental emotional state as well as their lifestyle. This holistic approach of hers has produced successful results, for it is important to understand that all bodily functions are interrelated, and missing even a single issue, could keep the patient from seeing results.

With exposure to Homeopathy from the age of 13, Manjari was drawn to this simple yet highly effective medical system founded by a German doctor, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. She saw how patients who were refused treatments by mainstream conventional medicine options came to the doors of Homeopathy with hope. And because the principles of Homeopathy are founded on the laws of nature, a revival in the vitality meant most patients improved as soon as they started Homeopathy. This revelation was enough to ignite a lifetime of passion for Homeopathy for Manjari Rao.

A graduate from University of Mumbai in India, Manjari Rao has over 12 years of experience in practicing Classical Homeopathy. She also has a wide range of patients in Dubai and spread over India, UK and US. Her approach is simple and her conviction strong. Every patient first spends an hour with her, discussing all details about themselves, including medical history, family history, details about self and nutrition status because Homeopathy takes into consideration the mind body dynamics.

An evaluation soon follows and a homeopathy prescription is given, which helps to build up the low immunity and battered down vitality. Most patients come back feeling better and it is her aim of helping patients lead a positive outlook to life, with the main focus on their well being, that makes her a leading homeopathy practitioner in Dubai.

She is also a certified Biofeedback practitioner and a certified Personal Counselor. Her interests include studying the ancient Indian spirituality, Yoga and meditation.