Your chiropractors at the EEMC

Dr. Samuel Saukkonen, Chiropractic Dubai
Dr. Pamela Leader, Chiropractic Dubai
Dr. Gerry Nastasia, Chiropractic Dubai

Having worked together for over 12 years at their own well-established clinic in Tuscany, Italy, and 4 years in the UAE, Chiropractors Dr. Samuel Saukkenen and Dr. Pamela Leader, they have established Chiropractic Dubai at the Emirates European Medical Centre, a centre of excellence for chiropractic and complementary physiotherapy.

In April 2010, they were joined by Dr. Gerry Nastasia Jr., D.C., D.A.B.C.O., who has over 20 years experience and is licensed to practice in the USA and Dubai, he is now well established as part of the clinic’s expert team.

The doctors with a combined 50 years of experience across several countries, employ their highly skilled manual techniques to achieve efficient pain relief and a state of optimum health for each patient. To assess each patient individually they carefully analyze their case history, followed by a full physical examination prior to commencing any form of treatment. Once this diagnosis is approved they will implement their treatment plan. In addition to Chiropractic spinal manipulation, they use a broad range of treatment modalities complemented by physiotherapy treatment, to effectively relieve neuromuscular and musculoskeletal pain.

With so many years of experience the doctors are accustomed to treating a wide variety of spine and joint complaints that include sports injuries. Whether spine related or in the extremities, the focus is on achieving increased pain free spinal function and improved overall health. The patient’s general health is of prime importance, therefore whenever necessary, the doctors refer patients to specialists in other fields of medicine. This ensures that more urgent health issues are not overlooked. We are fully educated in all aspects of health which might present as back pain. Your safety is paramount and will never be compromised.

Dr Pamela explains “At our clinic we often refer our patients to our physiotherapy department, where our qualified staff follow the treatment protocol advised by your Doctors of Chiropractic. The physiotherapist will, under the chiropractic’s advice, complement your chiropractic treatment with various healing therapies to speed up your complete recovery.”

Their high quality and truly personal Chiropractic service has been experienced by a wide variety of patients from all over the world.

The doctors always take great care in their diagnosis and follow up with an up to date, comfortable, tailor-made treatment plan for each and every individual patient. They strive to give you back the satisfaction and enjoyment of a pain free life.