Our Great Week at Spinneys

Last month we had an event at Spinneys Supermarket in Umm Suqeim, offering people coming into the store free consultations, foot scanning and nutritional advice. It was a great success, with many people coming to speak to one of our Chiropractors –  Dr. Gerry Nastasia.

Dr. Gerry giving advice to shoppers about spinal health in Spinneys

Dr. Gerry explained: “We  previously did a similar event at Spinneys in 2011. I wasn’t really surprised by the amount of people who walk around in pain without doing anything about it. So this year, we thought we would offer free advice, foot scans and consultations to the local community again. I again found was numerous people  who were suffering from constant headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain or joint pain for weeks, months, or even years without seeking any help. Either just expecting it to go away on its own or living with it daily. The truth is pain over several weeks usually doesn’t go away until you get help.

One patient I saw suffered from low back and knee pain for around a year. We performed a foot scan and it was clear that he had severely flat feet which were causing misalignments in his hips, knees and spine. His “fallen arches” were greatly contributing to his pain. A few days later, he came into our clinic for a full spinal evaluation. We had a pair of custom foot orthotics created to properly support him and treated him with program of chiropractic manipulation and physiotherapy rehabilitation. His pain improved and his quality of life has improved dramatically. By providing this free health service in a supermarket, we were able  to make people stop and think about addressing their problems and changed some lives for the better!

Also at the event, was our Nutrition & Inch Loss Expert – Rashi Chowdhary

Our nutritionist Rashi – Giving a free body analysis to shopper in Spinneys

This is the first time Rashi had actually taken part in such an event, she was so keen to get out there and speak to people who came into the Supermarket because this is where she felt she could bust some myths about food and healthy eating.

Rashi says: “The whole experience was great, I gave people a free body analysis at Spinneys. I loved being able to chat to them and ask them to show me what was in their shopping bags. People’s ideas of what’s healthy has got so jumbled up because they’ve been told all different kinds of things in the past. Like for example avocados or cheese is bad for you because they are fattening, which is so not the case. Being a qualified nutritionist and Certified Diabetic Educator there’s a lot of misinformation out there! Cutting out Carbs and adding sugar substitutes in your diet is not the answer. I also help people with diabetes by creating a food plan with good combinations that follow what’s right, helping them bring down their Hba1C.

Through the event at Spinneys I am currently helping a number of people loss fat, inches and get healthy. Call the clinic on 04 3481166 if you need help achieving your weight loss and healthy eating goals.