Is it time to give up your seat for health reasons?

Last month one of our doctors: Dr. Pamela Leader was featured in an article for The National Newspaper, UAE. Here is a snapshot which makes interesting reading.

A survey carried out in the waiting room of a leading Dubai chiropractor sheds light upon a worrying trend that could be taking the ultimate toll on the lives of UAE citizens. “For most of our patients, their occupations involve sitting for long periods of time,” explains Dr Pamela Leader at Chiropractic Dubai.
In a poll of her patients carried out for The National, Dr. Pamela found that most spent around 50 hours a week sitting down. “But that is probably underestimated since most people only consider their working time, they forget that they might go home and spend hours watching TV or on the internet.”

“Prolonged sitting promotes a lack of whole-body muscle and joint movement,” says Dr. Pamela. “Recent evidence has shown that sitting for long hours, coupled with a lack of exercise and a poor, unbalanced diet, can raise your risk of early death from cardiovascular diseases.”

Chiropractic Dubai patients report being able to breathe and sleep better, as well as walk with much more ease, after their chiropractic treatments.
“From the questions I ask my patients, I believe people often work longer hours and have more stress in the UAE. Employers should invest in better ergonomic equipment to suit each employee.

Tips – Don’t fall victim to sitting disease – take these steps to change your life:

  • Take regular breaks, walk for two-minute walk around the office with regular stretches every 30-60 minutes.
  • Consider standing desks and holding standing meetings.
  • Book an ergonomic and spinal check to ensure that you have your workstation ergonomically designed.
  • Join a gym to combat all that sitting. Doing 150 minutes of exercise per week will cut your risk of developing colon cancer by a third.
  • Get your spine and posture checked and treated if you have any pain or postural problems.

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