Incredible Chances For Low Paid Workers With Back Pain

Dr. Pamela Leader, Medical Director of Emirates European Medical Centre and Secretary of the Emirates Chiropractic Association, would like to extend chiropractic help to those not in a position to pay privately for such services. As some people cannot afford such treatments, they are forced to suffer in silence while continuing with their work, which in many cases are physically demanding jobs.

We are looking for such people, without insurance coverage, for chiropractic treatment, to enjoy our free treatments for back pain on Thursdays, 3pm-onwards.

Any Chiropractors who would like to help Dr. Pamela are welcome to come and join her endeavour. Our partner, Advanced Radiology, has already offered their support for any analysis that may be required. We are also looking for other sponsors to help as although the doctors shall work for free, some expenses such as appliances, creams, supports etc may need to be covered.

We at Emirates European Medical Centre feel it is very important to give back to the community in Dubai, and we are calling on other chiropractors to join us in treating those who may not normally have access to such care.

All bookings should be Thursdays only, 3pm-onwards.

To book an appointment, please call 04-3481166 and state that you would like to enjoy our free treatment and briefly describe why you would not normally have access to such care. You may also book online at