Get set for the Dubai Marathon

With the Dubai Marathon only three months away and lots of other sporting activities taking place in Dubai some of you may be feeling its time to dust off your running shoes and get back on track. Last year our very own CEO and Chiropractor: Dr. Samual Saukkonen took part as a competitor in the Dubai Marathon. Having experienced the Marathon first hand Dr. Sam has some helpful tips and advice to make sure your body is ready for your best run ever.

Our CEO and Chiropractor Dr. Samual took part in the 2012 Dubai Marathon

Running tips from Dr. Sam

Don’t struggle with pain – Address and niggling pains and injuries early on, don’t run through the pain and hope it will go away. While training for the marathon I myself had a combination Chiropractic treatments and physiotherapy rehabilitation, it helped resolve any injuries and I know it can also actually prevented them from occurring in the first place.

Be aware of your feet – Get the correct footwear and support. Your feet will go through a battering so be fully equipped. Select the running shoes and the socks you’ll wear in the marathon. The shoes should be relatively lightweight but provide good support. I was sensible enough to get a pair of customized foot orthotics fitted in our clinic. I used them in my running shoes and believe me, it was like running on air.

Warm up & Stretching – The correct stretching and warm up can make or break an athlete. It’s so essential to devise a good warm-up and stretching exercises before and after running, lack on this can cause injury and muscle pain for longer.

Do a half-marathon – Try it about one month before your full marathon to test your fitness level and work on improvement areas, it’s will give you a boost to know you are half way there.

Drink while you run – Especially in the Dubai heat, keep your body hydrated at all times, sports drinks in moderation give you more energy than water by providing fluid, carbohydrates, and electrolytes.

I treat a lot of professional athletes and people who just enjoy sports, my key advice to them all is to maintain spinal health and joints by getting regular chiropractic check ups, this helps resolve any pain and make you ready for your sport.

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