Pamela Leader – Presented at the 5th Middle East Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Conference

This year one of our doctor’s – Pamela Leader was a speaker presenting at this years 5th Middle East Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Conference in Abu Dhabi – 2012.

The conference focused on how current medical practices can be successfully incorporated into regional healthcare, discussing modern trends and latest research.

This year the conference theme was spinal cord injuries and back pain.

Pamela’s presentation was on Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction which is reported to account for up to 16%-30% of chronic mechanical low-back pain.1

Her presentation reviewed the sacroiliac joint anatomy, explored its function and range of motion. The complexity of the differential diagnosis. Pelvic Girdle Pain and its relation to Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction and pubic symphysis pain as well as hypo-mobility and hyper-mobility Sacroiliac Joint. Pamela talked about the complexity, reliability and inherent problems around orthopedic and chiropractic tests. Treatment options including chiropractic, support belts, minimal medical intervention, surgery and their and success rates.

Pamela says “Presenting at the conference was a great success, as a doctor it’s important to keep learning, exploring new ideas, sharing medical findings and experience with others doctors and health care industry experts. The experience was thoroughly enjoyable and I have been asked to present at another medical conference in the Gulf Region in 2013”.

Reference: 1. Evidence-Based Interventional Pain Medicine: According to Clinical Diagnoses. 1 NOV 2011. Jan van Zundert MD, PhD et al.