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Benefits and possible risks of Homoeopathic treatment

The information and treatment in the posts produces innumerable benefits to the patient, among those are reduction of symptoms, improved general health, reduced dependency on OTC drugs and greater sense of wellbeing. Our DHA licensed doctors are highly trained and specialised in clinical homoeopathy, which includes, history taking, examination and diagnosis directing them to determine the correct treatment protocol for each individual patient. Each patient is carefully assessed to ensure that the benefits far outweigh any risks of treatment.

For chronic diseases, when the patient has an ongoing treatment with his/her medical specialist, the homoeopath will not change that course of treatment without approval from the specialist. For the most part, we do dual therapy until the patient notices improvement after which even homoeopathy remedies are tapered off.
The only side effects that could be possible especially in skin cases is an aggravation of the skin eruption owing to the nature of the disease itself, which is fully explained by the physician. It is advised that regular follow ups reduce the incidence of aggravations thus enhancing the quality of treatment and patient satisfaction.

The patient is advised to bring in all medical records past and present so that the practitioner is completely aware of the health issues at the moment and treatment is initiated accordingly so that patient care is optimum.
We do not dispense any medicines in our facility, they have to be procured from pharmacies registered to sell homoeopathic medicines.

There are no risks from homeopathic remedies, since the formulation of these remedies contains infinitely small amounts of any substance used to benefit the patient. However, in some serious cases of disease, delaying certain medical treatment in favor of homeopathy can be extremely detrimental to the outcome for the patient. Our homeopathic doctors are acutely aware of this possibility and are trained to avoid such circumstances by referring patients to medical specialists when they deem it more appropriate. In some cases patients are co managed.