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Ranen Rambrij

Ranen Rambrij - Chiropractor at the Emirates European Medical Centre

Ranen grew up in Durban, South Africa and had aspirations of playing professional Rugby. Unfortunately a severe Lumbar Disc injury cut short his playing career, fortunately this led him to a Chiropractor where his experience inspired him to pursue a career in Chiropractic Sport. 

Ranen attended the Durban University of Technology, the first Chiropractic college in Africa, where he graduated with a Masters Degree in Chiropractic, completing a thesis entitled The effectiveness of Spinal Manipulative Therapy vs Core Muscle Strengthening on Club Head Velocity and Ball Carry in Asymptomatic Amateur Male Golfers. 

Following his qualification in 2016, he opened his own practice within a mixed martial arts gym, allowing him to continue his work in chiropractic sport. He was also introduced to the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a sport which he fell in love with. During this time he also worked as the team doctor for the Natal Golf Union and completed his International Certification in Sports Chiropractic (Hands on Module). 

The need to grow and learn saw Ranen leave South Africa in 2018 and pursue a career in Mauritius where he joined the team at Chiropractic Care Center. He worked at the largest private hospital as a member of a team consisting of an Orthopedic Surgeon, Rheumatologist, Radiologist and an Internal Medicine Specialist. This new experience saw him change his focus from sport specific treatment to public healthcare, co-managing patients with other specialists in a multidisciplinary approach. He was also trained in musculoskeletal ultrasound under the tutelage of his associate and was able to specialize in the perineural intramuscular electro stimulation technique. 

During his time in Mauritius he was able to continue his work in sport, working as a consultant for the Mauritian Ministry of Sport where he helped prepare the Mauritian power lifting team for the Indian Ocean Games in 2019. 

In 2019 he was elected vice president of the Mauritian Chiropractic Association, a position he held up until his departure in 2021. During this time in Mauritius he was also instrumental in the process of getting the chiropractic profession recognized by health insurance companies in Mauritius. 

A long term ambition to live and work in the UAE has seen Ranen join the team at EEMC. Ranen’s philosophy in patient management is “the welfare of the patient comes first”. He has a special interest in managing extremity pathology and disc injuries. 

He is currently completing his International Certificate in Sports Chiropractic qualification which will allow him to work at the olympic games. He also belongs to the following organizations:

  • The Chiropractic Association of South Africa;
  • The Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa;
  • Chirosport South Africa; and
  • The International Federation of Chiropractic Sport. 

When he is not working Ranen enjoys exercising and has keen interest in martial arts, he also enjoys food and travel.