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Rashi Chowdhary

Rashi Chowdary - Nutritionist at CHiropractic DubaiRashi Chowdhary is our Nutritionist at Emirates European Medical Centre

Having completed an intensive 5-year degree course in human nutrition at S.N.D.T Women’s University, Mumbai, India, Rashi is also a certified diabetic educator and Dubai Health Authority licensed Nutritionist.

Rashi is based with us here in Dubai but also operates worldwide guiding people through food plans that she has carefully designed and adapted through the years.

Her Nutrition advice and program encourage sensible whole food balanced diet plans. No fad diets, starvation or other scary short cuts. Rashi is a believer of old-school dietary discipline.

It is important to Rashi that the process is as enjoyable as the progress. Her specially devised food plans aim to help you reach your weight loss and inch loss goals, as well as helping you feel healthier.

With a perfect balance of food nutrients, dietary supplements, water, a manageable exercise routine and Rashi’s ongoing support, you will not only change your internal biochemistry but also have great skin, healthy hair and high energy levels.

Rashi does not expect you to be with her forever! So at the end of your time together you will have the know-how to be your own health expert!

If you wish to come in for a consultation with Rashi, please book in with our online appointments or call us on 04 348 1166