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We started this book in Italy about 8 years ago and it has become one of our most treasured possessions. We combine our experiences with Dr. Nastasia’s latest testimonials and it is a great pick me up for us doctors and we would like to share a few of the comments with our web site readers.

Note: for the sake of privacy, only the person’s initials have been displayed.

What a team. When you need it rough Dr. Sam is the man. He sorted me out when I was in so much pain. And then when I needed the gentle touch Dr. Pamela was the one with the magic hands. Seriously though, I cannot recommend these guys highly enough. Very impressed.
Two years and I’m still a very happy client. Dr. Sam gave me my neck and back. For 6 years I suffered with my aches and pains until I found Dr. Sam! Then Dr. Pamela did a miracle with my newborn baby. He had serious reflux problems and got all worried. She saw him 3 times and her magic hands took it all away. I can’t thank them both enough.
Dr. Pam is a fairy godmother to me. I don’t know how I was surviving without her. She is fantastic doctor and great human being. The team is fantastic as well they are very friendly and professional all the same time. I don’t feel odd coming here. The ambience is very nice and people are very friendly. Good job Dr. Pam and Dr. Sam
Perhaps the best chiropractic treatments I have ever had. Professional and effective. I highly recommend Dr. Sam and his staff and I will do so in Afghanistan.
Having recently moved to Dubai I was feeling very uncomfortable and unable to participate in the sport I usually take part in due to a chronic back condition following its nature course. Thanks to Dr. Samuel and his team, I am now back swimming again and training for the Dubai marathon. Thanks again.
I came to see Dr. Pamela cause of neck and sinus problems. I did a couple of treatments and it is getting better. Dr. Pamela and all the staff are very open and friendly. The clinic provides perfect service all around.
What can I say, Dr. Sam is fab three years of discomfort and in his magical hands all is gone gone. You’re the best Dr. Sam. Great staff as well.
Dr. Sam and Dr. Pam, you guys rock, magic fingers, magic touch, no drugs, no side effects. The girls are lovely. Thanks a million.
I am a 42 years old airline captain with neck and headache problem. I have been on painkiller for about 6 months. After 5 sessions and a new pillow, all the pain has gone away. I must say it’s the best treatments I have ever had. Thanks a million.
I want to say my special thanks to Pamela, all the staff. You have all been very caring, accommodating and kind. I want to wish everyone best of health, happiness and good luck for business.
I would like to thank everyone for their hospitality, professionalism and for sure Dr. Pamela for her approach and treatment. I feel confident that all the pain will be going away soon.
All the best for 2010 for Dr. Samuel and his team. He comes highly recommended and lives up to the reputation combining sound and professional chiropractic treatment with back up physiotherapy treatment.
Excellent coming here and have recommended to friends. Great team personable but yet professional.
Marvelous treatment from Dr. Leader as well as superior front desk management and physiotherapy. Thanks, now I’m pain free again from my second treatment onwards.
It’s a great pleasure to visit the clinic a few times during the past few weeks. The treatment is good and satisfactory. The smiling faces at the reception and their individual approach and attention to each patient especially to us is over-whelming. Keep it up.
There has been a very friendly atmosphere. Highly impressed by Dr. Pamela. Her treatment has shown good results till now and I hope things go well in future as well. I am sure I will recommend my friends.
Dr. Samuel and staff are the best in town. I’ve tried other clinics and not one comes close to the professionalism and expertise of Emirates European Medial Centre.
Do not go to any chiropractors as this place has the best staff and its fun.
My husband and I are relatively new to Dubai and had attempted seeing another chiropractor when we arrived. The service was not at all near the standard we were use to in Australia, so we went on a search for someone else and found Dr. Pamela. She is fantastic and has certainly helped with an old sports injury I have had for some years. The girls at front reception are also wonderful.
The team of this clinic is extremely polite and competent. I came in with acute neck and back pans and was cured just after a handful of sessions. Dr. Samuel and his team are great. Highly recommended. Thanks.


Thank you Dr. Gerry

Thank you is the least that I can say to Dr. Gerry for his expertise, kindness and encouragement to get well and stay well.
I had been suffering from mild to severe neck and back pain for years, went to see different chiropractors and massage therapists in New York and Florida, USA. It was not until I found Dr. Gerry online, met him here in Dubai and began my treatment that I learned I had a manageable, but chronic condition affecting one of the discs in my neck. Dr. Gerry explained my condition, my necessary treatment and comforted my fears of “being damaged.” Since learning of my condition and receiving the proper physical exercise program and encouragement from Dr. Gerry, my pain has significantly diminished and my visits to him are once a month for maintenance. Dr. Gerry is an excellent doctor and I have and will recommend him to anyone and everyone who may be in minor to severe pain. Take a look at his experience and accolades mentioned on his profile here. Yes, they are impressive and I urge you, from my personal experience, that if you want the best doctor, who is also caring, honest, and humble, Dr. Gerry will care for you like he has for me. Thank you Dr. Gerry for your expertise and kindness. You have improved my day to day physical well being and therefore, put my mind at ease as well.


Dr Gerry,
I have been so impressed with the level of service I recently received from you and your associates at Emirates European Medical Centre. You definitely gave me more than I expected with your treatment plan.  My swing technique has drastically improved and my stress and tension levels have come down tremendously.  Feeling better on the golf course is one thing, but even more impressive are the changes in my personal life.
I would highly recommend your treatment plan to anyone who is suffering from lack of flexibility, tension or pain.  As well as, anyone who wants to improve their athletic performance.
Thanks Dr. Gerry for everything.
My neck seriously feels a lot better – I’ve stopped sleeping on the long sofa and I’ve been using the Tempur pillow which is the best investment (I’m taking it with me on holidays).
I’ll definitely keep you in mind if any of my friends complain of anything similar.Take care,
Hi Dr. Gerry,
Will most definitely be contacting you whenever I encounter discomfort on my neck & shoulder, and please be rest assured of my recommendations or referrals to you.Thank you very much for taking care of me, much appreciated!
Dr.Gerry:Let me start this email by thanking you. You are a miracle worker. I am not only up from bed but walking around normally where I thought I would be bed bound for at-least a couple of days…..SM

            Dear Dr. Pamela,

It was my pleasure meeting you and i am so thankful of your FREE service.

In my almost 3years of suffering from back, neck and shoulder pain which cause numbness in my right hand, and thank you to the power of internet…i found a solution…i found CHIROPRACTIC.

Honestly i’ve never been into this theraphy before, trying things for the first time is really scary… but my choice of going into CHIROPRACTIC pays all my worries off.

I had my very first session, i’ve been into your clinic with a tired body, numbness i can all in my right side…but when u started your theraphy…it was such a wonderful relief. I feel very good…the pain and stiffness of my muscles lessen up (though it’s my first time). Numbness was gone, i just can’t describe the feeling after i had my very first CHIROPRACTIC. It was wonderful.

Will look forward stepping back into your clinic doc.

Thank you so much and God bless…

Best Regards,



I visited Emirates European Medical Centre in my 31st week of pregnancy as I was suffering from a sharp pain in my lower back and backside. I was concerned about having any treatment due to being pregnant  but I need not have worried-  was treated by Dr Gerry who found the problem straight away and advised a course of action.  His treatment included some physio, massage, & some home remedies I could try. He also gave me some great advice to help me as I developed further in my pregnancy.

I felt very comfortable that Dr. Gerry knew enough about pregnancy to treat me in the safest and most appropriate way. My lower back did improve and I can only put that down to the treatment I received as well as the good advice.

All the staff at the centre are very friendly, professional and caring and I would recommend anyone go there for any back pain. I cannot stress enough the reassurance I got from having people treat me that were aware of how to deal with pregnancy.


Dear Dr. Gerry,

I would like to express my sincere thanks to you in person and to all your staff for the treatment I received. I remember a song which relates to you and I did note this down in the visitor’s diary. It stated “Everything [you] did is magic magic magic.


Dr Gerry has helped me overcome very painful back and shoulder issues. He is a professional and can provide practical help to ease pain. I will be forever grateful to him for changing the way I live my life to the better.


I came to Chiropractic Dubai very reluctantly a few months ago, having tried for nearly four years to get rid of my constant headache and excruciating migraines that could last up to a week. Now, a few months on I am overwhelmed at how my life has changed and how easily and quickly my headaches and migraines have improved. Dr Gerry was very understanding of how exasperated I felt and diagnosed me in my first session. It turned out that, contrary to all of the other reasons I had been given, the bones in my neck were abnormally curved and not sitting correctly, causing me tremendous pain and it was this that was causing my migraines. I was treated by Dr Vanda whilst Dr Gerry was on leave. I would also recommend her very highly.I would like to say a huge thank you to Dr Gerry and the whole team for their help. Three months on from my first visit my background headache is gone and if I do start to feel ill I can get adjusted and avoided days of a painful migraine. To anyone putting off going to the chiropractor for any reason I would say just go – it really has been amazing how it has changed my life.


Thank you so much Dr. Pamela!!! With your help our baby boy went from crying all day due to colic and reflux to being a happy baby! 🙂


I was surprised when I first came to know about chiropractic therapy, as I am a practicing medical doctor and didn’t know that such therapy exists after 6 years in medical school. I have been suffering from upper back pain intermittently for the past 8 years. I tried several forms of physical therapy and exercises which did not really work and I grew more frustrated as a result. I normally try to avoid pain killers, so I surfed the internet in hope of finding another kind of treatment. I then learned about chiropractic therapy and decided to try it. Well, honestly from the first visit to the Emirates European Medical Centre, I experienced some relief. With each session, combined with physiotherapy, my improvement was increasing and I am now feeling much better than any other time during the past 8 years. What caught my attention was also the engagin and sympathizing attitude of doctors including both Dr. Vanda and Dr. Pamela which made me more open to discuss my health issues and therefore positively affecting the treatment session in general. I started to encourage my patients to try out chiropractic therapy and i hope that it will be integrated soon in physiotherapy departments of all recognized hospitals. Finally, I would like to extend my great appreciation to Dr. Pamela and Dr. Vanda for their efforts in helping me out with my back ache, my thanks also go to the nice and gentle physiotherapists and all staff of Emirates European Medical Centre.

Dr. M.A

Hey Dr G!!

Thanks for all you’ve done over the past 6 months. I don’t have the pain I used to have and I now have more confidence that nothing is seriously wrong.

Seriously thanks!

Keep in touch and see you in September!!


I just wanted to write and thank you for taking such good care of my wife Dr. Gerry. She is really benefitting from the treatment, but the whole doctor-patient relationship and approach is such a refreshing change from the UK. We really appreciate the close personal attention that you have given her. I can’t imagine a UK Doctor making follow up calls!


I want to fully appreciate all what Dr. Sam has done for me and all the staff too.

They take care of me and treated me well and they relieved all the pain. I thank them for their wonderful hands as I no longer have any pain and I am very satisfied. The stress is now gone completely! Thanks for all.


I contacted the Emirates European Clinic regarding severe back and arm pain and was granted an immediate appointment. Dr. Gerry Nastasia quickly determined that I had a relatively serious injury which required specialist advice, and he facilitated immediate appointments with other specialists here in the UAE. Following surgery, the EEC team coordinated with my surgeon to provide the physical therapy required to get me on the road to recovery. Based upon this experience I highly recommend the EEMC. The doctors and staff are professional, accommodating, and genuinely concerned for their patient’s wellbeing.

Thank you Dr. Gerry and the rest of the EEMC team! You’ve done a great job!


Thank you Dr. Gerry I feel amazing today but am taking it easy. Last time I hurt my neck it took two weeks to recover. You stopped it in 24 hours thank you so much. I’ll be back in to see you. Thanks again.


I first started experiencing intense pain in my back and right foot in the summer of 2011. It was debilitating and restricted my movements to a great degree, as a result of which I had great difficulty in walking. Desperate to figure out what was causing this, I decided to consult an orthopedic surgeon in a nearby clinic. He conducted a series of X-ray exams which covered my entire back and feet. I was also asked to give a blood test which determined that I had a thyroid problem along with cholesterol on the higher side. The X-rays showed a calcaneal spur in my right heel, osteopenia with thoracic spondylitis and L5-S1 reduced disc space. He also pointed out that the density of my bones was less and recommended that I take a calcium supplement along with vitamin D, and a medication called Evista for it. He also recommended 75 mg of Lyrica and DICLO for the pain. He then advised me to go for a few sessions of physi otherapy, which in retrospect did more harm than good. Needless to say, I eventually sought a second opinion.

My daughter had told me about a treatment called chiropractic which peaked my interest mainly because it involved no medicines! Without wasting any more time, I booked an appointment at the Emirates European Medical Centre, having come across an advert for the same in a magazine. After meeting Dr. Pamela Leader, I immediately felt at ease. Her vibrant personality and knowledge of the human body made me feel like I was in safe hands. And since then, there really has been no looking back! Dr. Leader made some very interesting observations on our first meeting namely the tendency of my body to incline itself towards the right. Years and years of bad posture and sedentary work were to be blamed. After scanning my fee t, she advised orthopedics to correct my foot alignment along with sessions of manual therapy with laser therapy. These were followed up by ultra sound stimulation and cyrotherapy. She also suggested 30 minutes of brisk walking every day, which I should add here, has played a major part in lowering my BP considerably. She also suggested that I undergo a glucose tolerance test and an insulin resistance test which led to the conclusion that I was pre-diabetic, something that I am currently under treatment for.

Having started off as a complete stranger to the world of chiropractic treatment, I have now come to believe in it strongly because the results are undeniable! I now walk faster and better than before! I take bigger and more confident steps. Dr. Leader made me focus on my overall health and not just my posture or feet, something I am truly grateful to her for as I now feel not just healthier but happier as well.


Good morning,

I am just writing to thank you all for the work that you carried our prior to my return to the UK at the beginning of December, in particular Dr. Sam and Lesley.

On Friday 9th I met up with my consultant and yesterday, had a large piece of meniscus that was floating around removed by key hole surgery.

I am now commencing the physio for the recovery phase and will hopefully be back at work by the end of January if not before!

Thanks one again to one and all!


Dear Dr. Gerry,

I have high regard and commend you for your utmost professionalism and concern for your patients. It is my good fortune to be introduced to you. Thank you for the excellent treatment you have given me. I can see my condition improve each  day. I’m very hopeful that my remaining visits to you will further improve my condition inshallah.
I’m highly impressed with your techniques as they are very effective and immediate.
I will definitely refer you and I wish you the very best!


Dear Dr Gerry

I just wanted to say thank you for taking a personal interest in my circumstances. Your approach certainly makes me feel I am in good hands.

I also wanted to thank Judy in Physio.

Thank you again and see you when I get back from the States

Best regards


Woke up this morning for the first time in a long time my back felt brand new it’s amazing and I will back, going for blood work today.

Thanks again!


Dear Dr. Gerry,

It is my absolute pleasure I now know that my friend will receive the proper care and help he has needed for quite some time. I sing your praises to all! Thank YOU for being such an awesome doctor.

Best always,


Thank you so much Dr. Pamela!!! With your help our baby boy went from crying all day due to colic and reflux to being a happy baby! 🙂


What a team. When you need it rough Dr. Sam is the man. He sorted me out when I was in so much pain. And then when I needed the gentle touch Dr. Pamela was the one with the magic hands. Seriously though, I cannot recommend these guys highly enough. Very impressed.


Hi Dr. Gerry!

I feel awesome right now!

Should have done this years ago! Thank you so much, not feeling sore at all now!



Thank you so much!!

I came staggering in, hardly able to walk and now virtually back to normal after a day!

Thanks again I can walk once more!

Thanks Dr. Samuel!


Thank you for fixing me!

I walked in twisted and I am now walking upright 🙂

Dr. Sam and Dr. Pam have both been marvellous.

Keep running.


I would like to say thank you Dr. Gerry for all of your kindness and patience during your treatment of my mother. Who can forget the painful look in her face when she first visited your clinic and her grace and joyful spirit after her final therapy session. Again, I would like to thank you and your staff for making our 12 session visits worthwhile and pleasant ones.


Dr. Gerry treated my neck as I had recurring problems from a car accident ten years ago. After a few weeks, my headache issues improved and I got more mobility; now I only need a treatment once a month to keep the pain away! Thanks a lot, Dr. Gerry!


Last year I was experiencing severe back and knee pain which was limiting my mobility severely. From the very beginning, Dr. Gerry was a breath of fresh air. He diagnosed the issue and my condition began improving immediately. Aside from the technical part, he is also a wonderful person. He is always friendly and keeps a great atmosphere as he jokes around and relaxes those around him. I was reluctant to find a chiropractor in Dubai and I am more than happy I found him.

In addition, Dr. Gerry goes above and beyond for his patients. In the past when I have had an emergency and needed an adjustment he has done everything to accommodate me from opening early to fitting me in between his normal appointments. I am very grateful to have met him and I feel confident he makes a positive impact in the lives, and health, of his patients.